Buying a home is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. For first-time home buyers, understanding what happens during the process is critical. While you will have a real estate agent to guide you, you will also need to hire an attorney for your closing, per the recommendations of the N.C. State Bar.

Buyers have certain obligations as do sellers during the process. To prepare first-time home buyers, here are some tips from closing attorneys.

Beware of Fraud

Unfortunately, there are mortgage fraud schemes out there trying to take advantage of first-time home buyers. They may target buyers with promises of lower rates and fewer fees. Don’t get duped. Only work with qualified, reputable mortgage experts for your home purchase.

Contract Review

Every home purchase transaction needs a contract. This is mandatory in N.C., as verbal contracts are not acceptable. A closing attorney can look over the contract to ensure it is compliant and in line with your understanding of what you’ll pay and what you’ll receive.


An appraisal is key to ensuring your real estate loan can be funded. The home needs to appraise for the price you are paying or upward of that number. If it does not, it’s time for more negotiation with the buyer. You should hire a professional appraiser after all parties sign the contract.

Inspection and Repairs

After the appraisal, you’ll want to engage an inspector to look over all the areas of the property you are purchasing. The inspector should look to see that critical parts of the home are working like appliances, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.

Post inspection, you have the ability to negotiate on repairs. You may either be able to demand that certain repairs get made before the sale closes. If the sellers are unwilling to complete repairs, you may able to receive a credit for them on the final sales price.

Title Insurance

This policy protects you from any possible defects in the title. Defects to a title impair its ability to be transferred. Policies for you as the buyer and the lender are typically issued. Real estate attorneys perform a title inspection that is the source for the creation of these policies.

Hire the Attorneys at Moore & Alphin

First-time home buyers can encounter unique factors during a home sales transaction.  For closing and all legal considerations like the title search and deed transfer, you will want to hire an experienced N.C. real estate closing attorney. Your attorney will be there to answer questions and ensure your closing goes as smoothly as possible. Choose the law firm of Moore & Alphin, a firm that works with first-time home buyers and understands your needs.

If you have questions or are ready to set-up your closing, please contact the firm today.