why a real estate closing attorney matters

why a real estate closing attorney matters

why a real estate closing attorney matters

The many legal issues involved with purchasing property and transfer of title can be rather complex. Instead of worrying about what happens next, you should be focusing on your new home. You can when you choose a real estate closing attorney to handle all the necessary tasks and documentation.

N.C. Bar: Closings Should Be Performed by an Attorney

Having a real estate closing attorney is, in fact, is a legal recommendation. The Standard Offer to Purchase and Contact includes this language, “The North Carolina State Bar has determined that the performance of most acts and services required for a closing constitutes the practice of law and must be performed only by an attorney licensed to practice law in N.C.”

Why Your Closing Attorney Matters

Real estate closing attorneys are here to  protect your interests against any of the possible perils of purchasing a home. Attorneys serve three major roles:

Delivering Value

A non-attorney settlement won’t offer the cost benefits of using a real estate firm. Unlike a settlement shop, N.C. attorneys cannot legally receive a portion of the homeowner’s title insurance premium. Settlement shops have a monetary incentive to charge full-cost title insurance premiums. They may also charge additional fees without disclosing it to you.

Your First Defense

Attorneys are looking out for your best interest. Almost all the services they provide offer some layer of protection. From title examination to document drafter to negotiator, they are your first line of defense against whatever might go off course. They’ll also be able to provide legal advice that aligns with your goals and best interests.

Safeguarding Your Investment

The State Bar charges N.C. attorneys to protect your funds and investment. Our firm places client funds into separate trust accounts subject to audit. Settlement shops often don’t offer this security. A closing attorney must also make the grade of title insurance companies, so you know that have the right expertise to ensure your funds are managed and distributed properly.

At Moore & Alphin, we’re here to play these important roles during your real estate closing. We are client-focused and want to ensure nothing disrupts your journey to your new home. If you have questions about the responsibilities of a N.C. real estate attorney, please contact us.